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Smart Suction Pad Knife Sharpener

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Sharpen your old dull knives like a PRO with no skill required! The smart suction pad design allows you to swipe any knife with ONE hand without worrying to hold the sharpener in place!SLICE, DICE, PARE with at the BEST precision, control and confidence.

Save money and time by restoring Your knives¡¯ sharpness than buying a whole new set of your kitchen knives!


  • Sharpens knives and scissors in seconds
  • Smart Suction pad with Grip-lock mechanism
  • Guaranteed safe, single-handed use with professional sharpening result
  • Extends useful life of utensils
  • Compact & portable design
  • Can be attachedon the wall or refrigeratordoorfor easy placement
  • Knife Sharpener Scissors Grinder Secure Suction Chef Kitchen¡ã

    1. Pull up and fixedthe sharpener to any flat surface
    2. Pull downthe grip tolockthe sharpener by the suction pad
    3. Place knife on sharpener at the base of thehandle and slowly draw backthe knife
    4. Pull back the gripwhen done

    • Material:Iron, plastic
    • Color:Black & red
    • Size:6X 6X 7 cm
    • Netweight:50 g