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Arm Relaxer - Computer Armrest Pad

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Looking for a great mouse pad that is easy to install, can be easily foldedup and out of the way when not in use,and serves as an armrest as well? Our new and amazing computer armrest pad is here for you.This armrest pad isergonomically designed to minimize potential strain, fatigue, and pain. A new and improved product thatit is beneficial to your blood circulation.

A perfect computer arm support for your home desk or office desk!It's time to feel different and keep your upperbody relaxed.Rest your arms comfortably with our armrest pad that can be rotated easily up to 180 degrees to ease your comfort!No more arms tended to hurt after hours of gaming or working. Sit back, relax and let our armrest pad carry the weight of your arm!

  • easy to install - no tools needed,attaches to any desk up to 6cm thick
  • comfort - comfortable arm supportfor home or office and while working or playing computer games
  • reduces tension and fatigue in the neck and shoulder muscles
  • smooth mouse padfor using the mouse
  • can be attached to an armchair or somewhere in your car and bedroom as well
  • 180-degrees rotation-to whatever position is most comfortable for you
  • space saver - perfect for a round or curved table without enough space for arm support
  • wearable and soft,comfortable to use

Material:ABS, artificial leather, foam
Size:29 cm x 13 cm
Package includes: 1 xComputer armrest pad